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The Oakridge Zoo

Our Oakridge cataloguing team prides itself on its research into the consignments entrusted to us. They persevere in the face of some truly challenging questions, from discovering the provenance of a collection of Japanese scroll paintings to discerning the age and wood specimen of a fine, antique credenza. 

Alas, some questions cannot be answered by research alone. One matter in particular plagues our minds with its impenetrability: what animal is this supposed to be? 

In honor of our upcoming Fine Asian and Asian Decorative Art auctions, we at Oakridge have decided to bring to the public our findings on the most intriguing animals found in our research on Asian art and antiques. Welcome to The Oakridge Zoo.


In video:

Section of Chinese Painting on Silk of Court Ladies, 19th Century, Lot 649 of our September 2018 Sale.

Set of 12 Snuff Bottles of Chinese Zodiac, 19th Century, Lot 614 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

Chinese White Jade Carving of Beasts, 18th Century, Lot 170 of our September 2018 Sale.

Chinese Famille Rose Snuff Bottle, 19th Century, Lot 650 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale. 

Section of Painting of Squirrel and Flowers, Lot 268 of our June 2019 Sale.

Section of Japanese Handscroll of Animals, Lot 326 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

Chinese Jade Carving of Monkey on Horse, Ming, Lot 121 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

Chinese Sancai Jar with Sea Monsters, 17th Century, Lot 183 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

Chinese Yellow Jade Carved Beast, Ming or Earlier, Lot 16 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

Underglazed Blue and Red Snuff Bottle, 19th Century, depicting a man and a camel, Lot 615 in our upcoming March 2020 Sale.

The crazy animals that come through Oakridge bring us joy and we hope that they will be able to provide the same to all of you. 


About the Author

Alison Eubanks joined Oakridge in the fall of 2019. She received her Master's degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, during which time she developed practical experience working with historic collections at the Hampton Court Palaces in England.  

Thu, Feb 20, 2020 3:03 PM

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