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Ashby Ponds Appraisal Event



Contact: Katharina Biermann

Phone: 703-291-1010 ext. 221

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 [ASHBURN, VA November 21, 2019]        This afternoon was the first of what is anticipated to be a series of appraisal events hosted by the Ashby Ponds Senior Living community in conjunction with Oakridge Auction Gallery. Two of Oakridge’s auction staff were invited to the main clubhouse at Ashby Ponds, where they provided insight into the value of paintings, fine china, and many other unique items owned by the community’s residents based on current market and auction value.

Among the event’s most fascinating entries was a two page, handwritten letter signed by the poet Walt Whitman, which had been sent to the grandfather of one of the community’s current residents on the occasion of the poet desiring to change publishers. The letter included a cut-and-pasted (in the literal rather than the digital sense) example of the font-type which Whitman wanted his publisher to use for the soon-to-be released edition of Leaves of Green. This exciting piece of correspondence was estimated to sell for $2,000-$3,000, with the advice to have the piece insured for more, as any sale of the letter could inspire intense bidding among the many admirers of this American icon.

Another resident brought forward a diminutive but exquisite Tiffany gold favrile bud vase. No more than 2 inches tall, this little bud vase bore the Tiffany signature and a heart leaf design deemed by Oakridge specialist Keith Spurgeon to be unusual for this type of vase. The final estimate was set at $200 - $300, proving again that size is no obstacle to value, for the right item.


The residents of Ashby Ponds participating in the day’s appraisals seemed to greet their estimates with interest and positivity. Several alluded to other items in their lifelong collections which they hoped to have eventually estimated, sharing stories of items like a carved whalebone busk with a scene of a sailor aiming a pistol at his commanding officer which lit up the interest of the visiting auction staff as well as the resident. Others dashed back to their residences for more items of interest to bring for appraisal, or made arrangements to have a specialist pay a house call at a later date.

The proceeds for the day’s estimations went in full to the Ashby Ponds Benevolent Fund, which ensures that no resident of the Ashby Ponds community is ever turned away, regardless of financial circumstances. Oakridge Auction Gallery is delighted to have been able to contribute the time and skill of its staff to this wonderful cause and looks forward to holding another Ashby Ponds Appraisal Event in the spring of 2020.

Thu, Nov 21, 2019 4:41 PM

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